Welcome to my portfolio website!

Hey folks, I'm
Sulabh Mehta Data Analyst Developer

Enthusiastic learner of new and upcoming technology that can be used to make a difference.

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Things I have made



Data Analysis Project

Used various ML algorithms to predict and classify data after cleaning the provided datasets.


Room Booking App

Created the database in MySQL for a room reservation app project in University. Also contributed in some front-end pages with ReactJS.


Blog Website

NextJS app, assisted by Tailwind CSS, that displays markdown pages as blog posts. Practised NextJS page routing to do client-side page transitions.


Basic Password Generator

Simple java and javascript app to generate random passwords based on users' choice of characters.


Bachelor in Computer Science, Big DataSIM-UOW

Estimated to finish the degree programme by September 2022 with Distinction.

German Language CourseBusuu

Self-learning German from an online language learning platform, Busuu.

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